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One of the most exciting prospects for a bride-to-be is the prospect of choosing her dress.  Every bride wants to achieve the ideal of looking her best whilst also expressing her personality, her style influences and her unique beauty.  This isn’t always an easy task, but there are plenty of places modern brides can look to for inspiration. This year the presence of a bygone era on the silver screen provides a bountiful resource for brides. Whether looking to emulate the whimsy of Daisy Buchanan in ‘The Great Gatsby’, the cool elegance of Betty Draper in ‘Mad Men’ or the Edwardian sophistication of Lady Mary in ‘Downton Abbey’, today’s designers provide beautiful interpretations of past styles for the discerning modern bride.


Great Gatsby Silver Screen Style


Mad Men1 Silver Screen Style

1920’s and 1960’s influences have been evident in many of the bridal collections this year.  The sixties really provide a fantastic inspiration for today’s bride. The decade was responsible for a series of key looks; from the miniskirt to sheer fabrics, from psychedelia to cut-outs and of course – the shift dress.  Matthew Williamson’s interpretation of the shift dress is pretty groovy. Beautiful delicate material, with striking beading detail evokes the charm and simplicity of the late sixties. Similarly, San Patrick’s high neck lace dress with full skirt harks back to the start of the decade and the end of the feminine fifties.  In a completely different way the 1920’s also represented a dynamic time in fashion.  Suddenly waistlines dropped and hemlines rose while beading and fringing of sequins, feathers and other surface decorations emerged as de rigueur. A myriad of designers have explored this era exquisitely in their collections – Badgley Mischka’s cream ethereal dress is one such example.

For more inspiration in bridal fashion trends be sure to check out our amazing catwalk show to help discover your perfect style.



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