The Courtyard For Brides

It is time again to introduce another one of our fabulous wedding experts you will have the opportunity to see at the show. Headed up by the lovely Susan and her team, The Courtyard for Brides is one of Dublin’s fastest growing bridal boutiques. Celebrating their first year they have gone from strength to strength. With just the 12 months behind them they are already renowned for their unique selection of dresses. This little oasis is just outside the city centre, offering calm and serenity in a beautiful courtyard flanked by trees and a church. Its quaint location belies the sophistication of the boutique itself.

Courtyardforbride Logo1 The Courtyard For Brides

Your dress is the essence of the day. Your entire wedding is built around this iconic purchase. Whether you ran around at 6 with a pillowcase on your head or are white knuckled in fear at the thoughts of entering a bridal shop. The Courtyard truly understands the emotion behind this decision and pride themselves in making your visit as seamless as possible.

The Courtyard has an exclusive secret weapon, International designer Caroline Castigliano. A Castigliano bride has the luxury of knowing she will look magnificent from any angle. Focusing on fit and fabric, Caroline has perfected the art of the silhouette. From opulent Hollywood glamour to regal elegance, to boho chic, Caroline will capture and release your inner bride.

Legacy Caroline Castigliano1 The Courtyard For Brides

 “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”  Audrey Hepburn

Customer service also is top priority.   The team delights in making you feel welcome and special from the moment you set foot inside. Each bride and her entourage have the privacy of the entire boutique for her viewing.  It also boasts enormous fitting rooms and plenty of room to walk, twirl, swish or dance should the feeling arise.

The Courtyard truly is the epitome of style and luxury and will be showcasing their beautiful collections at our catwalk show.

We can’t wait to see you there…


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